frequently asked questions

What is the inspiration behind Chani Greenbaum’s floral and event designs?
Chani Greenbaum finds inspiration in the personal stories and visions of clients, ensuring that each design is a reflection of the client’s unique style and occasion.
Can customers purchase floral arrangements directly from the website, and is there a delivery service available?
Yes, clients can inquire about floral arrangements and discuss delivery options through contact on the website. CG Blooms delivers all over New York City and Brooklyn.
How does Chani Greenbaum work with clients to personalize wedding flower arrangements and decor?
By closely working with clients, Chani Greenbaum captures the essence of the couple’s story, crafting bespoke wedding floral arrangements.
Are there corporate flower services available for events and functions?
Custom corporate floral services are offered, with designs that reflect the company’s brand and the essence of the event.
What kind of events does Chani Greenbaum specialize in besides weddings and corporate functions?
Beyond weddings and corporates, Chani Greenbaum designs for engagements, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other significant events, tailoring each design to the occasion’s specific theme.
How can a client get a quote for their event's floral and design needs?
Clients can obtain a quote for their event by reaching out through the contact form or directly via phone or email.
What is the process for collaborating with Chani Greenbaum to bring a vision to life for a special occasion?
The process involves a consultation to understand the client’s vision, followed by a proposal of custom designs, and finally, bringing the vision to life through meticulous planning and execution.
Can Chani Greenbaum accommodate specific themes or styles for events, such as traditional, modern, or whimsical designs?
Yes, the team is skilled at creating a wide range of themes and styles, from traditional to contemporary, to match the client’s vision.
How does the team ensure that each event's floral design is unique and tailored to the client's desires?
With a dedication to bespoke designs, the team ensures uniqueness by incorporating personal elements and creative details that resonate with the client’s vision.
What experience does Chani Greenbaum offer to clients to make their events memorable and distinct?
Through meticulous planning, personalized designs, and the creation of signature floral pieces, Chani Greenbaum ensures each event is not just an occurrence but a memorable experience.
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